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When: June, 2nd, 8PM

Where: PRISM HALL, Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong, 395-152

Line-ups: Manju Pocket, Danny Boy & The Carriages, Sons of tiger, Earl and The Steadies,

Dalsum *guest*

Ticket: Pre-order 20,000 KRW, At the door 25,000KRW


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Its Korean title sounds is Prism Colatheque Opening Party. Colatheque used to be a name for the dancing club for teenagers, which was boomed in the 90's. The difference between colatheque and the usual club is the colatheque doesn't sell any alcoholic drinks. It sells coke. I have never been to a colatheque, but it can be a nostalgic concept for all. I thought Manju Pocket, Danny Boy and the Carriages, Sons of Tiger, Earl and the Steadies, and Dalsum (*guest*), all of the songs are retro in a sense. That is why retro party idea hit me. No matter what mood you are in, you can’t help but smile, dance, and sing along.



Manju Pocket




Earl and The Steadies


Sons of Tiger



Free Apollo for all,

A snack from our elementary school years.



Beer but coke, or coke but beer

Colatheque should not sell alcoholic drinks, but it used to be our secret that you could get a beer there.

Tonight, PRISM Colatheque will be your safe-zone.

If anyone orders beer, our staff will give you a bottle of beer with a Coca Cola sticker on it.

#beer_but_coke #coke_but_beer



Psychedelic lights will be set up, and illuminated bracelets will be distributed.


#DressCode #Retro

If a lady with a Judge tag sees you are in retro attire, she will give you a free drink coupon.

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